Degradable and recyclable 10×12.5cm drip coffee bag customization Without filter paper

Short Description:

A drip coffee bag is a portable coffee that is ground and sealed in a filter bag. It is a portable coffee that is ground into a powder and packed in airtight filter bags. Plywood is made of cardboard on both sides. It can be hung from a cup and thrown away after brewing.

After tearing the bag open, spread the paper splint on both sides, hang it over the cup, brew it slowly with hot water, and drink it. Hanging ear coffee is a kind of instant coffee. Using drip brewing method, the acid, sweet, bitter, alcohol and fragrance of coffee are perfectly reflected. As long as there is a hot water source and a cup nearby, you can enjoy it easily. Especially suitable for home, office and travel use.

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Product detail

Product Name 3 side seal Drip Coffee Packing
Place of Origin China
MOQ gravure print 50000PCSDigital printing 1000PCS
Material Structure PET/AL/PE
Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE
Kraft paper/PLA
Size 10*12.5mm,etc.
Thickness 50-200 microns /Customized
Printing Customize 0-9 color and LOGO  

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100% degradable material

PLA Full name: polylactic acid, which can be degraded into CO2 and H2O by composting. It is a very environmentally friendly material.

Available with filter bag

The material of filter bag is corn fiber, the coffee is extracted evenly without impurities, healthy and no peculiar smell; it has passed the food contact safety certification of professional institutions, and it is safe, environmentally friendly and degradable.


easy tear design

Both ends of the bag are designed to be easy to tear, so that it can be opened faster and better in the process of use


1.Q: Can you help us decide what film to use to pack our products?

A: Yes, our engineers can work with you to develop the most suitable material

2. Q: What is the time for custom printing?

A: The production cycle is different for different products, usually 20-25 days. But if it is urgent, we will deliver as soon as possible.

3. Q: If I want to lead my design, what do you need to provide?

As long as you provide your design in the software (preferred acceptance :Adobe Illustrator - AI, EPS or PDF format.

Convert all text and fonts to Outlines; Corel draws the export file as AI. Convert all text and fonts to curves;

Freehand - Export file as EDITABLEEPS. Convert all text and fonts to paths; Be sure to include all the necessary content

High resolution linked images in CMYK color mode)

Designed to the desired impression size, in the correct position on the mold line, all fonts are outlined and colored

Separate properly.

4.Q: Can you provide some free samples for testing?

A: Yes, I can send the sample to you for testing. The sample is free of charge. The customer only needs to reply the express.

5. Q: What are your strengths?

(1) Food packaging bags using solvent - free film to ensure food safety

(2) Custom design, starting at 1000pcs.

(3) Short delivery time: 1 week for customized design orders

(4) GMP dust-free workshop.

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