How Can I Improve My Coffee Bag Design? 

It might be fairly said that coffee fuels America. More than half of Americans over the age of 18 say that they drink coffee on a daily basis and over 45% say that it helps them stay productive while they're at work. For some of us, coffee is comforting -- we might've woken up to the smell of coffee brewing as a kid and then started drinking it as teenagers or young adults. 

Some of us have a coffee brand we stick to, while others are looking for new ones. Young consumers are curious about where their coffee comes from and how it is sourced. The design of coffee bags can have a big impact on millennial shoppers looking to expand their business.

For brands, packaging plays an important role. The designs on coffee bags, labels and printed coffee bags are all designed to catch consumers' eyes and get them to actually pick up their coffee bags.

Once they pick it up, it can't just be a nice coffee bag design -- the information has to be useful, too. About 85 per cent of shoppers said they found out whether they had bought a product by reading its packaging while shopping.

Many shoppers also just browse, so if you can get their attention with the packaging, you can also get them to sell. In fact, those that paid close attention to packaging saw a 30 percent increase in consumer interest in their products.

Of course, the design needs to complete its practical function as a whole. But who says it can't be beautiful? Research your target audience and what works for them -- minimalism, bold colors, femininity, clean cuts, etc. -- which will help you narrow it down and decide what route to take when designing packaging. If you want to get your bag featured in our social media and marketing materials email this.

Post time: Jul-20-2022