Why Do Coffee Bags Have a Valve


If ou've ever kept an eye out for coffee bags in a supermarket or coffee shop, you'll notice that most bags have a small hole or plastic valve near the top. This valve plays an important role in keeping coffee fresh and delicious. Knowing what it's for, you can use it to determine the freshness of your coffee of choice. Your attention and forwarding are the driving force for our continuous update.

The coffee one-way exhaust valve was invented and patented by the Italian company Goglio S.p.A in Milan in the 1960s. The valve is a one-way vent that allows coffee beans and coffee grounds to slowly release carbon dioxide (CO2) and other volatile gases from the bag without contacting the outside air, also known as a fresh-keeping valve valve, aroma valve or coffee valve

Many chemical reactions take place when roasting coffee, and volatile gases like carbon dioxide are formed inside the bean. These gases add flavor to the coffee, but they continue to release for a while. After baking, the carbon dioxide starts to escape, but it takes several weeks for it to completely disappear.

This valve allows carbon dioxide to be released and prevents oxygen from entering. This process prevents oxidation and extends shelf life. When carbon dioxide is released, it causes pressure inside the package, which causes the flexible rubber gasket to deform and release the gas. After the release phase is complete, the internal and external pressures are equalized, the rubber gasket returns to its original flat configuration, and the package is sealed again.

The Importance of Exhaust Valves for Coffee Packaging
keep packaging shape
The vent valve allows the gas to escape, helping the coffee package maintain its shape. If gas is trapped inside the packaging, it may cause the bag to swell. Not only is this unsightly, but it can eventually cause the packaging to burst or leak.

maximize freshness
The vent valve prevents other gases from entering the package, mainly oxygen. When coffee is exposed to oxygen for extended periods of time, coffee can spoil, shortening its shelf life and negatively affecting flavor.

Improve packaging efficiency
Using a vent valve allows factories to pack coffee quickly, rather than waiting for all the gas to be released, increasing the efficiency of the product line.

When the exhaust valve is not required
Exhaust valves are unnecessary in some cases. If you're making small packs or single servings, canned coffee, instant coffee, or other small sizes, you don't need to use the vent valve. The reason is that these types of products are usually consumed quickly before the oxygen can negatively affect the coffee.

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Post time: Nov-23-2022